Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's That, You Say?

Let’s face it: None of us are getting any younger, and with the addition of soda vending machines with their loud compressors (and lots of affordable, tasty drinks to boot) to the room where MKGM holds its meetings, it can be quite difficult to hear. Well, fret no longer! During the January meeting it was decided to purchase a microphone and speaker set, which will make it easier for everybody to hear everything that’s being said—whether you want to hear it or not (grin).

With 2013 being the year of MKGM’s 50th anniversary, the guild hammered out some of the details of what members would like to see as part of our celebration. It was decided that a couple of ways would be to create brochures to provide to the local dealers, and for business cards for members to pass on to prospective new members. You never know when you might run into somebody that is curious about machine knitting, has a machine tucked under theirs or their mother’s/grandmother’s bed or is already a machine knitter, but is unaware that there is a group to which they can belong and feel a part of the machine knitting community.
The guild has also been using the Meetup site to generate interest in both our craft and the guild, and there have been some non-members that have found us. Check it out, and be sure to create an account! You can RSVP to meetings, knit-ins and other events that Polly or Bruce have been faithfully creating there, and since there’s a comment section, perhaps you can help a stranger become a friend!
Kris shows off some super cute potholders!
Donna's new ensemble that came from trying to use up a cone of yarn: Shell, Cardigan, Skirt, and Necklace, and she still had a small ball of yarn left! It was her blue-ribbon winner at the Minnesota State Fair! Congratulations, Donna!
Marilyn's first-ever sock.
Karen shows off a circular baby blanket that is all the rage these days.
Bruce is well on his way of meeting the challenge of knitting one charity hat for every year of your age.
Bruce also shows off a gorgeous handknit-look lace shawl that he made.
Carole's big seller this year: Cowl/neckwarmers.
Carole also shows off a cute sweater design for kids.

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