Friday, September 28, 2012

September Feast-ival

September saw MKGM’s annual potluck dinner, and like every year, it was not a disappointment! Who knew that knitters were also such good cooks? There was much talking and laughter, and several trips back and forth to the buffet to sample all of the goodies spread out there.

It is truly amazing how, without a plan or sign-up sheet, there are few, if any, duplicates to the food items brought and shared. There are always hot dishes (not to be confused with hot-dishes, although those occasionally make their way to the table, too), cold dishes, salads, desserts and nibbles.
However delicious the food, or how much we may look forward to this annual event, we are a club of knitters first, and this was the meeting we collected the dishcloths and dishtowels we knit as a thank-you gift to The Crossings for generously allowing us the use of their wonderful space. They were arranged prettily into a basket to be presented to the office, then they could decide whether to use them in their kitchens, or allow residents to pick one out for themselves.
This was also the meeting in which the entries to the State Fair competition were to be presented, although most of the knitters who entered items could not be present, so we only had one Show-and-Tell item. Marilyn brought a lace curtain she had entered, which turned out beautiful. It should, for the many, many hours she spent learning the thread-lace technique, and ensuring their were no mistakes.
There were several other items brought for Show-and-Tell, and President Jennifer tried something different, which should be repeated. She had each person stand up in the front of the room where everybody could see the item being shown, and also hear the description of the item. Then they were laid out on a table for everybody to take a close look at later. Too often the items are missed because they’re held up from where the presenter is sitting. Way to go, Jennifer!
Polly shows off a new technique she has learned.
Finally, this was also the meeting where our charity hats were collected for the rapidly approaching winter. Shortly after this meeting, northern Minnesota received over a foot of snow, so it’s quite apparent how important this club activity and mainstay is for the disadvantaged of our communities, particularly in this economy.
Pretty hat by Ellen.
Bruce shows off a hat and a winning smile!
Of course, it’s not only people that get cold in the winter, but our beloved pets do, too, so what other act of love can we show them? Knit them something to keep them warm, too! Carol made an adorable little dog sweater.

The star of the show had to be Susan, who brought it many items to share, and one truly unique item that she had designed in Design-a-Knit (DAK), that received rave reviews! A blanket/throw with a photo of her hubby! What a cool idea!

Another DAK project, in which multiple elements are combined to make this unique child's afghan.

Gorgeous scarf of gold and black.

As they say, however, all good things must come to an end, and so our potluck. There is still next year to look forward to! But first…the holidays. Stay tuned! Our holiday showcase is still coming up!

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Mar said...

Wish I had been there. Looks yummy and great knitting!