Monday, April 26, 2010

March 2010 Program: Embellishments by Polly Sonifer

Embellishment is an excellent way to add finishing touches to your knitted work. Look around you. Certainly you have bits and bobbles of ribbons, buttons, and more which are just waiting to adorn your work. Sometimes, it's also fun to try an iron transfer on your knitted piece.

Polly demos her machine knit embellishments for the group to enjoy.

It's also certainly possible to added little extra knitted embellishments to your work. There are some amazing resources and patterns in published books and on the web for knitted flowers, buds, stems, and leafs. With a little time, imagination, and your transfer tool, we bet you could come up with your very own personal botanical garden!

Special thanks to Joyce Anderson for sharing her
lovely machine knit flower pattern!

Polly's darling machine knit sweater and booties, made extra special with a machine knit heart, with the pattern below.

Heart Applique

Inspired from a hand knitting pattern, adapted by Polly Sonifer

Yarn: Any yarn that can be used on your machine to get the desired size.
Instructions are given for Small Heart with Large Heart in parenthesis.

Cast on 3 (5) sts. Knit 1 row.
Increase 1 stitch on each side, and knit 2 rows. Continue in this manner until there are 25 (39) stitches on machine (RC 24 for small; 38 for large)
K6 (10) Rows
Put half of stitches in hold, K2 rows.
Decrease 1 stitch on each side and K2 rows. Continue in this manner until 5 or 6 (10) stitches remain.
Bind off.
Put remaining stitches in workign position and work in likewise manner.
Bind off.
Block, and sew on project.
(note: Loop-through-loop bind off is most effective, as opposed to crochet bind off. Long tail allows enough yarn to attach heart to your project.)

Left Heart is Hand Crocheted

Top Right Heart represents "Small Heart"

Bottom Right Heart represents "Large Heart"

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