Tuesday, January 19, 2010

November 09 Program: End of Year Holiday Knits and Decoration Contest by Maria Ann Youngs

One of Guild members' favorite parts of the meeting is "show and tell", and understandably so, as it's such a wonderful time to see what everyone has been creating over the last month or so. For our 2009 year-end meeting, we decided to give a theme to our monthly "show and tell" and encouraged everyone to knit holiday inspired projects. Those who participated, arrived at the meeting with their items in un-marked brown paper bags. One person revealed all the wonderful machine knit projects and as a group we voted on our favorites, and the project receiving the most votes was awarded a trophy.......

Mar Heck's Santa, was overwhelmingly the most popular machine knit holiday item at the 2009 year-end meeting. He is fabulously cute! It's also noteworthy that Santa is Mar's own, original pattern. Congratulations to Mar on winning 1st Place, as voted on by her machine knitting peers!

Enjoy some of the other great holiday projects by MKGM knitters! We are all winners!

Maria Ann's Wind Sock
Maria Ann Youngs' Holiday Wind Sock

Jane's Mittens
Jane Niemi's Felted Decorative Mittens

Amanda's Stocking
Amanda Young's Holiday Stocking for Zoe

Ellen's Stocking & Mini Cane
Ellen Levernier's Mini Holiday Stocking and Candy Cane

Kevin's Wreath
Kevin Young's Light-Up Wreath (That's right, the lights actually work!

Donna's Snowman
Donna's Festive Snowman Cap

Rebecca's Hannukah Balls
Rebecca Yaker's Hannukah Ball Trio

Polly's Santa Polly's Angel

Polly Sonifer's Santa and Angel (and double Pollys!)

Happy New Year and see you in 2010!!

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